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Buying Beat Maker Software

June 6th, 2013 Comments off

Beat Maker Software

A lot of you have been asking me which beat maker software is the best so I decided to make a post that is a break down of the price comparison and the features of the top industry standard beat maker software suites.  Here are the top 4 I’ve come up with depending on your budget:

  • Pro Tools (costs up to $10,000 for the HD version)Beat Maker Software
  • Cubase (costs around $500)
  • Reason (costs around $300)
  • DubTurbo (costs around $40)
  • Magix (cost around $40)

Pro Tools

This is by far the industry standard for recording software applications.  It’s the most widely used in commercial projects.  However, recently many other quality recording products have begun to level the playing field a little bit due to their easy of use and affordable pricing (with nearly the same quality as Pro Tools).


This a great software and an incredible price.  The main problem with Cubase (as well as Pro Tools) is that you have to purchase an expensive audio interface (costs around $400) and a midi controller to bang your beats out on (costs up to $500).  So all in all you’ll going to have to pay at least $1200 for this type of beat making software if all you have is a computer and ideas for beats.


To make beats with Reason you’ll also need an audio interface and a midi controller.  The great thing about Reason is that it comes with quite a lot cool beats with a lot of different styles of drums.  The downside to Reason is that I found it quite difficult to learn.  They have it setup with two screens and a lot of little unmarked buttons that are extremely important.  You almost have to be taught the basics with Reason to start making beats.  The other thing about Reason is that I’m not sure the sounds are legally copyrightable. In other words. I’m unsure if you’re able to sell the beats you create with Reason or license out the rights of your music to other artists, Television Shows, Movies, etc.

Dub TurboBeat Maker Software

This software has come along way.  You can actually make completely unique, professional beats with this software and you don’t even need to buy an audio interface or a midi controller!  Unless you already own an audio interface and a USB or firewire beat machine I highly recommend you give Dub Turbo a try.  It’s really easy to learn from their video tutorials, it’s loaded with incredible sounds, and you can use your own computer keyboard to bang your beats out.  Dub Tubro also has some amazing iPad apps that you get free with the software. To learn more about Dub Turbo watch their how to make beats with Dub Turbo video.


Magix is a company that creates many different types of software applications.  As far as audio recording is concerned they have fallen behind quite a bit.  I used their software a bit to make some beats for a while and they were pretty good but the production value wasn’t good enough to use the tracks I made for placements or to sell to rappers or singers.  The good thing this software is good for it s creating quick ideas for beats that you can later record on one of the other beat maker software packages.

Beat Maker Software: Final Thoughts

I’ve used all of these software applications and they all have their strong points.  If you have an unlimited budget and time to dedicate to learning to become a recording engineer than I would suggest going with Pro Tools.  If you have a few grand to spend and quite a bit of free time to learn I would suggest you get Cubase and Reason and watch a tutorial about how to put them together.  If your budget is less than $1000 (or even less than $50) I would definitely recommend Dub Turbo.  It’s by far the quickest way to learn and create beats.  If you download it now you could have your first beat done 10 minutes from now.  And the first time you sell one beat you’ve already payed for the software.  After that you can focus on releasing an album, selling more beats, or even licensing your music for Television and Film.  But the first step is getting beat maker software and there’s no better time to start than now.

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